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bella vintage [entries|friends|calendar]
bella vintage*

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december 22, 2005
at 1:22pm

[ mood | awake ]

Charmed, I'm sure...Collapse )

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curiousity [thursday
december 15, 2005
at 5:22pm

[ mood | artistic ]

i just couldn't help myself. i'm curious as to what everyone is kinda into, fashionwise...hopefully you know what i mean.
myself, for some reason i have an obsession with wedding dresses, especially old ones you can find at value village. :D
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

i was also wondering what kinda of fashion magazines (if any) does everyone kinda read or glance at once and awhile. i'm a big fan of NYLON and Vouge when i can get my hands on it...and when i can afford it.

hope nobody minds that i asked away. :D

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Things I Want [thursday
december 15, 2005
at 4:15pm

[ mood | amused ]

Fantasy shooping through photos...Collapse )


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